Day 11. 18 March. The Lord of the Sabbath

Luke 6.1-11

In times of weakness and hour of need,
yours is the strength by which we carry on,
the shoulder we rest our head upon.

When our load is heavy and too much to bear,
yours are the arms stretched out to help us
the grace that we depend on.

In times of weakness and hour of need,
your voice is heard,
‘Come… find rest.’

This is grace divine,
the path we tread to wholeness
of body and spirit,
the path that leads to you,

and for which we offer our offering of praise.

inspired by Matthew 11: 28-30
~ written by John Birch, and posted on Faith and Worship.


When you say blessed are you who are poor,
for yours is the kingdom of God
do your eyes rest on me in the crowd
and see how weighed down I am with possessions?

When you say blessed are you who are hungry,
for you will be filled
do you place your hand in mine
and know the feasts I have eaten?

When you say blessed are you who weep now,
for you will laugh
do you anoint my head with oil
and sense that I have laughed long and hard?

Then bless me again Lord,
take my riches, my fullness, my laughter
all that I have in excess
and let it rise up in the poor, the hungry
and those who weep.

That together we may delight in good things
share bread and wine together
open our hearts in joy and sorrow
knowing that together we seek your kingdom
as one body.

~ from I Am Making All Things New, written by  Rosie Venner.  Posted on the WSCF Europe website.

Day 12. 19 March. The Beatitudes

Luke 6.20-26


Day 13. 20 March. On Love and Judgement

Luke 6.27-39


.O God, the Father of all,
whose Son commanded us to love our enemies:
Lead them and us from prejudice to truth:
deliver them and us from hatred, cruelty, and revenge;
and in your good time enable us all to stand reconciled before you,
through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

~ from the Book of Common Prayer.  Posted on the Book of Common Prayer Online website.

Day 14. 21 March. Charlatan beware

Litany: A Special Lenten Fast

Give up harsh words: use generous ones.

Give up unhappiness: take up gratitude.

Give up anger: take up gentleness and patience.

Give up pessimism: take up hope and optimism.

Give up worrying: take up trust in God.

Give up complaining: value what you have.

Give up stress: take up prayer.

Give up judging others: discover Jesus within them.

Give up sorrow and bitterness: fill your heart with joy.

Give up selfishness: take up compassion for others.

Give up being unforgiving: learn reconciliation.

Give up words: fill yourself with silence,
and listen to others.

— anonymous, Latin America. Posted on the CAFOD website.

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Luke 6.39-45


Day 15. 22 March. On John the Baptist

Luke 7.26-35

St. John the Baptist: 1 St. John’s Eve

Midsummer night, and bonfires on the hill
Burn for the man who makes way for the Light:
‘He must increase and I diminish still,
Until his sun illuminates my night.’
So John the Baptist pioneers our path,
Unfolds the essence of the life of prayer,
Unlatches the last doorway into faith,
And makes one inner space an everywhere.
Least of the new and greatest of the old,
Orpheus on the threshold with his lyre,
He sets himself aside, and cries “Behold
The One who stands amongst you comes with fire!”
So keep his fires burning through this night,
Beacons and gateways for the child of light.

Malcolm Guite


Luke 7.36-50

Loving God, how lavishly you pour out
the costly gift of your grace upon us.
Fill our homes and our lives
with the fragrance of your love,
so that we may show your glory
and serve your people;
through Jesus Christ our Lord.

~ posted on the website of the Office of Theology, Presbyterian Church USA.


Day 16. 23 March. On Forgiveness

2nd Sunday in Lent

Remember, O Lord,

what you have wrought in us

and not what we deserve,

and, as you have called us to your service,

make us worthy of our calling;

through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Prayer of the week, APBA 1990

“Unless a grain of wheat”, Tim Rennen

Beatitudes, Tim Rennen


John the Baptist

Forgiven much

Squash, Melissa Goldstein 2016

25-30 March

Lent 3

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