Day 5. 11 March. Jesus - God’s Good New

Luke 4.14-22

O Christ, you lived as an ordinary man
not in style but simply,
 still you caused uproar, and questions everywhere;
you drew the expectations of hungry crowds,
and brought buried conflicts to the light.
May we,
who are sometimes swayed by the crowd’s approval,
and who often avoid conflict
for fear of its cost to us,
hold fast to the gospel of peace and justice
and follow faithfully in your way of compassion and solidarity
with those who are poor and excluded,
wherever it may lead us. Amen.

~ originally posted on the Monthly Prayers page (now Weekly Worship) of the Christian Aid website.


Day 7. 13 March. Jesus heals at Capernernaum

Day 8. 14 March. The call of Simon Peter

Quietly Prophetic

In a cynical and despairing world, O God,
give us a quietly prophetic voice
to proclaim your hope.

In a violent and angry world, O God,
give us a quietly prophetic voice
to proclaim your peace.

In a dismissive and disinterested world, O God,
give us a quietly prophetic voice
to proclaim your compassion.

In a lonely and inhospitable world, O God,
give us a quietly prophetic voice
to proclaim your love.

In a grieving and weeping world, O God,
give us a quietly prophetic voice
to proclaim your joy.

May we be so captivated by your hope, O God,
that we cannot help but to whisper,
to sing, and to enact,

the message of your reign
 is always coming into our world;

And may our quietly prophetic lives,
be channels of your restoring grace
wherever we may go. Amen.

~ written by John van de Laar, and posted on

Luke 4.31-37, 42-44

You call us,
Wanderer of seashores and sidewalks,
inviting us to sail out of our smug harbors
into the uncharted waters of faith
to wander off from our predictable paths
to follow You
into the unpredictable footsteps of the kingdom;
to leave the comfort of our homes and accompany

You into the uncomfortable neighborhoods
we usually avoid.

As we wait,
in our simple, sometimes crazy
constantly uncertain lives,
speak to us, Spirit of Grace:
of that hope which is our anchor;
of that peace which is our rock;
of that grace which is our refuge.

~ from a worship order prepared by Rev. Bob Gibson for the London Conference of the United Church of Canada.

Luke 5.1-11



Day 9. 15 March. The healing and forgiveness

Luke 5.17-26

Forgive as we forgive: the prayer you give us,
Comes home so close yet radiates so far.
We set the limits on our own forgiveness;
As generous or grudging as we are.

The wounds we give and take in all our weakness,
The injuries that smoulder, burning slow,
The sins that others visited upon us,
Are ours to hold or utterly let go.

You tell the story of the wretched debtor,
 one forgiven everything he owed,
Who then exacted payment, to the letter,
From one who could not bear the given load.

Oh lift my given load that I, forgiven,
Might give away forgiveness, free as heaven.

Malcolm Guite, sonnet 5 of 7 Sonnets on the Lord's Prayer


Eternal God,
to whom all may come through your Son,
lay your healing hand upon all those who are sick.
Make your loving presence known
to those who are lonely.
Give your strengthening power
to those who are weak.
May those who lack be filled,
those who mourn be comforted,
those who worry be calmed
and those who seek forgiveness
find it in Jesus Christ;
through whom we pray. Amen.

~ written by Michael Saward.  Posted on The Jubilate Group website.

1st Sunday in Lent

O saving God, who led your people through the wilderness and brought them to the promised land: so guide us that, following our Saviour, we may walk through the wilderness of this world and be brought to the glory of the world which is to come; through your Son, Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and for ever. Amen.

Day 6. 12 March. The Rejection at Nazareth

Luke 4.23-32


We Are the Body

Let there be no gap between us and Christ.
For if there is any gap, immediately we perish.
For the building stands because it is cemented together.

Let us not then merely keep hold of Christ,
but let us be cemented to him.
Let us cleave to him by our works.

He is the head, we are the body.
He is the foundation, we the building.
He is the vine, we the branches.
He is the bridegroom, we the bride.
He is the shepherd, we the sheep.
He is the way, we walk in it.

Again, we are the temple, he the indweller.
He is the only begotten, we the brothers and sisters.
He is the heir, we the heirs together with him.
He is the life, we the living.
He is the resurrection, we those who rise again.
He is the light, we the enlightened.

~ from Homilies on First Corinthians, St. John Chrysostom (4th centuy). Posted on the World Council of Churches website.

Day 10. 16 March. When the bridegroom is here

Luke 5.33-39


Do you want to be well



Jesus Rejection of Nazareth

25-30 March

Lent 2

6-9 March

Ash Wed