Day 43. 23 April. The Third Day - Evening
Anything to eat?

Luke 24.13-35.

Holy God,

whose risen Son opened the disciples’ hearts

to understand the Scriptures

that told of his death and resurrection:

grant us the peace of the living Lord,

that our eyes may be opened

to recognise him in the breaking of the bread,

and to follow him wherever he leads;

who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit,

one God, for ever and ever. Amen.

A collect for Easter Sunday, APBA 1990


Luke 24.1-12


Day 41. 21 April. The Third Day - Morning
The Empty Tomb

Day 42. 22 April. The Third Day- Afternoon
Burning Hearts

Prayer for Easter Day

When the day is quiet
and the world still sleeps
and the morning is crisp
and love breathes again
we praise you, O God of resurrection

When the time is now
and the moment is on us
and the place is here
and the grave clothes are folded
we praise you, O God of renewal

When the day is new
and the sun is fresh
and the light is clean
and the stone has rolled
we praise you, O God of empty tombs

Now we see the world differently
What we thought was the way of things, yesterday
is no longer the way of things today
death was yesterday
new life is today
tombs were sealed
now they are open
love was dead
now is alive again
death has been given a make-over
endings have a new perspective
things work differently now

When the shouting has stopped
and the suffering ended
and the betrayal complete
and the darkness stolen
then we praise you, O God of life

~ written by Roddy Hamilton, and posted on Mucky Paws. Http://

In the Wake of Easter

May we, our God,

in the wake of Easter,

ride a wave of irrepressible hope—

rising from the deep

following the trajectory of love

over the turbulences of our living

and through the currents.

So within joy,

may we sense Your presence

hovering ever with us—

ever speaking

new creation—

ever calling us into possibility.


~ written by John Ballenger, and posted on Preacher Musings.

Luke 24.36-48


Almighty God,

we praise and thank you for making us children of God,

not through our own power and piety

but through our baptism into crucified and risen Lord Jesus Christ.

We turn daily to you,

and in that turning we find peace,
courage and purpose.

Make your whole church a witness

to the great good news of Christ's resurrection.

God of the risen Jesus

hear our prayer.

— written by Bishop Telmor Sartison, and posted on the ELCIC Resource Archive on the Lift Up Your Hearts website. 

Luke 24.48-53


Day 44. 24 April. The Third Day - Evening

God of glory,

fill your Church with the power

that flows from Christ’s resurrection,

that, in the midst of this sinful world,

it may signal the beginning of a renewed humanity,

raised to new life with Christ;

who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit,

one God, for ever and ever. Amen.

Prayer of the week, Easter Sunday, APBA 1990


He is Risen!, He Qi

Emmaus, by Janet Brooks Gerloff 1992


See my hands

14-21 April

Holy Week